Friends of Finlay Camp Out 2018


  • START DATE: 2018-10-27
  • START: 14:00:00 PM
  • END DATE: 2018-10-28
  • END: 08:30:00 AM
  • LOCATION: Lathlain Park, Goddard Street, Lathlain, Western Australia, Australia

Join us on Saturday 27 October for the Friends of Finlay Camp Out!

2017 was a huge success for our first year and this year we plan to make the Camp even bigger and more fun (if that’s even possible) than the last.

The Camp Out is for our little miracle Finlay, it’s for all the kids who have cancer and it’s for you! By coming along to join us all on the 27th October you will be helping to fund research into childhood cancer and you will be sharing this incredibly fun day with Finlay and his friends. So don’t wait until the last minute make this huge and register today!

This is an outdoor community event for families, adults and children to camp together overnight to help raise awareness for the need to research further into Hepatoblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer, and raise funds for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation.

We’re so excited to bring back the limited edition ‘Friends of Finlay Sleeping Bag’, available for you to purchase in our booking form below. Sleeping bags will be available to collect at the event.

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What happens when you arrive

Saturday 27 October:

2:00 pm – Families arrive from 2pm to set up tents and sleeping areas. Tent spacing will be allocated to you. Set up tents in your area. Volunteers will be available to help.

4:00 pm – A safety briefing will be given at 4pm attendance is important. Location will be marked on the map (to be provided soon). Talks from the Higgs family about the event at front of camp area.

2:00pm – 6:30pm – Activities for kids whilst light is available

  • Own Play – There are no restrictions on how you have fun while at the Friends of Finlay Camp Out – we want to see all families participate and join in with your own fun. Bring things for kids to enjoy on an oval. Our volunteers will be there to kick the football, play Frisbee, sing songs, read stories and watch the kids on the jumpy castle.
  • Football kick to kick drills play time – Perth Demons Football Club players will be in attendance along with possibly other sporting teams.
  • We will also have a Jumpy Castle, roving Superhero Entertainers, giant games and Face Painting.

5:30 pm – Sausage Sizzle available – all money raised will go to CLCRF.

6:00 pm – Ice Cream van arrives, should you wish to purchase any for dessert

6:00 pm – 8:00pm – Music from Sally Jane 6pm to 7pm

8:15 pm – 10:00 pm – Music from Double Shots Ben & Az

10:30 pm – Lights on the oval will be turned off – safety lighting will still be provided for public access to bathroom facilities. Please also bring your own torch / lantern for your own safety.


Sunday 28 October:

6:30 am – Coffee van will arrive
7:00 am – BBQs available for you to cook your own breakfast (please bring with you)
7:30 am – Begin Camp pack up.
8:30 am – Camp Finish


What to bring on the day

  • Tent and bedding for camping. (Maximum size tent is 6 person) Hopefully you have purchased your FOF sleeping bags that can be picked up on the day.
  • Sporting equipment for kids to play with.
  • Torches/ lamps for after dark play and getting to the toilets at night.
  • Sunscreen for protection from the afternoon sun
  • Food for dinner if you wish to bring your own
  • Food for breakfast to cook on our BBQ if you want breakfast. (No glass please)
  • Water – we will have some available but please also bring your own as the weather is set to be quite warm.
  • Plastic bags for rubbish removal
  • A fun and playful attitude to make this event super successful


Terms and Conditions

  • There must be 1 adult attending per 2 children
  • Largest tent is to be a 4 – 6 person tent. We will be providing tent pegs for each tent, to protect the oval, so please don’t bring your own. Guy ropes for tents will be limited and our volunteer team will be able to assist you with setup on the day.
  • Please bring your own torches/ lamps – we will have the oval lights until lights out – afterwards we will still provide some safety lighting to the bathrooms but for maximum safety we request you bring your own also.
  • Please do not bring any glass with you.
  • Sausage sizzle will be available on the oval at the BBQ area on Saturday 27 October, although food can be brought by parents (please no glass). All funds raised will go to CLCRF
  • Coffee truck will be in attendance for breakfast on Sunday 28 October selling coffee, ham & cheese toasties and sausage rolls.BBQs are also available to cook on for breakfast the next morning.


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Why Hold a Camp Out?

Five-year-old Finlay Higgs has undergone more than two years of chemotherapy treatments and spent much of his time in hospital. He still to this day spends way too much time in hospital due to his treatments.

During treatment, he was not able to live a normal childhood enjoying the usual outdoor activities that he loved such as camping. While in hospital, his mother, Katey Higgs, noticed that just like Finlay, the children who are treated for cancer spent most of their time indoors in front of screens to pass their time, and were unable to play outside like other children due to treatment.

This year’s Camp Out will help to bring so many more families who need it together so they can enjoy the great fun of camping in a safe and protected environment. But we need you to make this happen. Register today and purchase your special sleeping bags to show your support.

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If you have some ideas to help elevate this event please don’t hesitate to contact our volunteer team at [email protected]